Maxium quiality in each phase.


Bodegas Pandora is located a few kilometres from Rueda, the municipality that gives the name to our Denomination. Surrounded by vineyards and Castilian countryside, the 2,000 square meter facilities have been built based on the premise that top quality wines will be produced there. In order to do so, the winery has all the technical resources required and the production process is flexible, thanks to different sized tanks. Large spaces have been established to facilitate our work.


There are 29 stainless steel tanks, with double/triple cladding refrigeration systems, in a variety of different sizes:

  • Sixteen 50,000 litre tanks,
  • Eight 25,000 litre tanks,
  • Four 9,500 litre tanks and
  • One 1,500 litre tank



The Winery has its own laboratory with all the equipment necessary to carry out detailed analyses of the musts and wines during their production and ageing processes.


The winery has a professional wine tasting room for 16 people, with plenty of natural light, as well as a multi-purpose area, available for all types of events.


The Winery has a latest generation semi-automatic bottling-washing machine, that can bottle up to 4,500 bottles an hour and offers the possibility to bottle with screwcaps or corks.


The Winery has a one hectare ampelographic garden, with up to 20 vine varieties from all over the world, (malbec, sangiovese, chenin, garnacha blanca, albariño, traminer, semillon, sauvignon blanc, garnacha, pinot nero, merlot, tempranillo, nebriolo, moscatel grano menudo, viogner, verdejo)


The new facilities allow us to work on the quality of the product at each different phase of the production process. We have installed small tanks that allow us to be flexible; each plot and each variety can be processed separately and thus achieve maximum quality. All the tanks have double or triple outer cladding systems to control the temperature of the fermentation by providing heat or cold, according to the production process requirements.

Ageing on lees

Bodegas Pandora ages its wines on lees. An ageing technique that significantly improves the quality of the product. The process is carried out in wood or stainless-steel tanks. It takes place when the wine comes into contact with inactive yeasts generated after alcoholic fermentation. They contribute, among other things, smoothness, complexity, intensity, persistence and stability. Also, with this type of ageing, the wines show less astringency, a reduced risk of oxidation and they last longer when bottled.

Apart from the stainless steel tanks and the wood barrels, at Bodegas Pandora we have two egg-shaped concrete tanks for our production processes. These vertical oval/egg-shaped cement tanks favour micro-oxigenation due to the porosity of the material. In these tanks the lees are continuously raised by an internal current resembling a vortex.